Pi Day #2

Dutch Apple Pie

Today, on 3.14.21 (π day!), I chose to try out Brenda Monahan’s recipe for Dutch Apple Pie from ‘The Best of Thymes: Celebrating 90 Years of the Junior League of Duluth’ cookbook (p.184).  The recipe looked perfect for me and my family, because we all love apple pie, and Dutch blood runs through our veins.  Also, I have not yet made a Dutch apple pie, I have a good pie crust recipe, and had all the ingredients to make it, or so I thought, so I got started.

Step one: core, peel and slice 3 apples.  Okay, I only had 2 apples… no worries, I have a can of apple pie filling in the pantry if the two larger apples didn’t fill the pie pan.  Let’s move on.  Toss all filling ingredients together and put it in a standard 9-inch pie pan with a pre-made pie crust.  Again, no problem, I have made pie crust before and it’s delicious.  Let’s continue with our crust.  Start by adding 1.5 cups of all-purpose flour… oh my, that’s pretty low, better get another bag from the pantry.  No, no, no… I always keep backups of my flours… surely there must be a bag in the house!  No, no there was not. So I put APF on the grocery list, and into the bowl went whole wheat flour.  Pie crust made!  Filling made and put into the crust!  Yep, we’re going to need that can of apple pie filling, but without all the liquid.  Much better.  Finally, on went the topping, for which I gave my last 3/4 cup of APF, and into the 350°F oven it went for an hour.

was not in the least concerned.  I am, if nothing else, resourceful in using what I have on hand.  I do it ALL THE TIME, and even love the challenge.  During the hour in which the pie happily baked, I found the kitchen again AND gave the fish tank its big monthly clean.

The pie came out smelling and looking delicious!  The kids were wishing we could eat it right away, but we let it cool an hour or two.  That night after dinner, while it was still slightly warm, we enjoyed it very much… whole wheat crust and all!  I recommend that you try it out… just check that you do have the ingredients BEFORE you get started.