Providing a Pantry

During the 2018 season of the Lincoln Park Farmers Market, the Junior League of Duluth offered “pantry” items to customers taking advantage of SNAP benefits. A neighborhood survey by Fair Food Access indicated that many residents want more options available at the market.

Based on those research findings, every week, for six weeks, we provided pantry items at the Harrison Farmer’s Market. These all-organic pantry items will be available, at no cost. Thanks to the Whole Foods Coop for their support!

Providing a Pantry Schedule:

Week 1 (August 2): Canola Oil

Week 2 (August 9): Old-fashioned Oats

Week 3 (August 16): Pinto beans

Week 4 (August 23): Salad Dressing

Week 5 (August 30): Pasta

Week 6 (Sept 6): Pasta Sauce